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I have an older home, can I still have a central vacuum system installed in my home?
Yes. The system costs will be the same, although there may be additional labor costs.


What does it mean to pre-wire a new home?
Even if you’re not ready to install a home theater, house-wide music or other components, pre-wiring your home during construction allows you the flexibility to do so in the future at a lower cost.


Is my family room too small for a big screen TV?
With the High Definition picture quality available now, you can fit larger screens in smaller rooms. Also, plasma screens that hang on the wall take up less room.


How many speakers do I need in my room?
At least five around the room, plus a subwoofer for the bass.


What if I know I want to have Technology added to my home, but can’t afford everything right now?
The Installation Experts at Total Home Technology will work with you to come up with a plan that will be the most cost effective for you. By getting Total Home Technology involved early in your construction process, you’ll be more informed on what options you have and how best to budget for the technology you want for your home.


Why should I buy my equipment from Total Home Technology?
By purchasing your equipment from Total Home Technology, the installer will come to your home prepared with everything needed to complete your installation.


Will Total Home Technology install equipment that was purchased somewhere else?
Yes. We will install equipment you have purchased elsewhere; however, we ask that you let us know what you have purchased and from where so that we can be as prepared as possible when it comes time for your installation.


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