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Keeping the "Home" in Home Theater


One of the most common problems in designing a home theater system is how to incorporate large equipment into a room's layout. Subtle design features can easily become overpowered by big equipment, especially small detailed items. For instance, there is an optimum height range for a seated person to view the screen to avoid strain or uncomfortable viewing positions. This height may or may not fall in line with other elements in the room like a shelf or soffit line. Total Home Technology can help you with a design that works with your home or office.

Placement “Problems”

Many times there are features to a room that dictate where a home theater can be installed. Built-in shelving, wall length, size and shape of the room, windows, etc., may eliminate an entire wall or half the room as home theater placement possibilities. The equipment itself often dictates its location. The larger the screen, the farther the distance must be between it and the sitting area. Larger screens require more distance from the viewing area.

TIP: Recommendations vary, but for a screen over 40”, the sitting area should be at least 10’ from the screen.

Where to Put a Home Theater System

A home theater system can go anywhere; however, a basement is one of the best places to install a home theater. Controlling light is usually easier in a lower level because of less outdoor light interference. The ability to insulate the ceiling and walls makes it possible to keep out a lot of distracting sounds and avoid disturbing other areas of the house. Another factor to consider is the size of the equipment. This is particularly an issue with the larger rear and front screen projectors. The basement often has extra space for equipment and avoids using valuable living space upstairs. Let the Installation Experts help you determine the best installation for you.


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